Bring Your Garden Back To Life

with intuitive native plant design

Assessing Your Space:

Arrange a Consult

The first thing we’ll do is take a walk through your garden and discuss what you hope it can be. I’m happy to collaborate, take direction, or take the lead.

Update Your Dream Garden:

Design & Install

I specialize in clearing out underperforming plants and replacing them with complementary and resilient natives. We can keep the looks you like, and we don’t have to start from scratch–unless you want to.

Create a Care Plan:

Learn to love your plants year round

Let’s stagger out blooming times so your garden can enjoy color all year long. I will also walk you through basic maintenance and show you which plants might look different depending on the season. (No need to fear dropping leaves.)

Local plants make the earth greener

California Bells hopes to highlight the joys of native plants and increase their usage in bouquets and garden design. Now is the time to think regeneratively; let’s learn to love what grows and thrives here with very little help from us! Why ship from afar when we can have beauties right here in our backyards? Join the #slowflower movement and use fewer resources by purchasing and cultivating local flowers.